Mike's Blog Roundup

Calitics: House Republicans plan to force California into bankruptcy to bust unions d r i f t g l a s s: Twelve years ago the GOP was focused like a laser on using its Sacred Nonspecific Calendar Interval Christian Holiday Lame Duck session to

The Daily Show: Moral Kombat

From The Daily Show: Mike Schwartz looks to adolescent boys for guidance on homophobia, while the unbelievably flamboyant Tom DeLay performs on "Da

New Ad Slams McCain Post-Saddleback

While John McCain and Barack Obama met with Rev. Warren at the Saddleback Church this weekend, the progressive Christian PAC Matthew 25 unveiled a n

GOP Writing Off Two Key Senate Seats

Dying elephants sadden me. TMP: At yesterday's Christian Science Monitor forum -- the same venue where he upgraded the GOP's goal to a potential th

Mike's Blog Roundup

Good Girl Roxie: 8 million Americans are "potential suspects" in an illegal domestic surveillance program TPMCafe: Liberal pundits offer an unprecede

Mike's Blog Roundup

A Tiny Revolution: Americans are the reasonable sort: they love their dead bodies but just not too many, OK? Rox Populi: Typhoid Alberto Faithful Pr

Mike's Blog Roundup

Brilliant at Breakfast: The next wave of credit crisis Corrente: The Responsible Plan, and a challenge Gun Toting Liberal: Is Obama a Muslim or mere

Mike's Blog Roundup

The Smirking Chimp: Campaign 2008: The things they wont discuss. Faithful Progressive: The IRS is messing with the United Church of Christ. Scholars