Commerce Secretary

May 1, 1961 - Facing East.

May 1, 1961 - Peace overtures between Laos and Cambodia. South Vietnam situation. U.S. Foreign Policy. Domestic Unemployment. Scientists weighing weather conditions for launch of first Manned Spaceflight. Jordan's King Hussein announces wedding engagement. Last day to help Newstalgia. Donate whatever you can. It all helps!

Bill Daley Faceplants

Bill Daley was just announced as President Obama's Chief of Staff. During his last White House gig in 1996 he literally faceplanted (fainted) as he fainted during the announcement to become Commerce Secretary for Bill Clinton.

Why Robert Novak Stormed Off The Set

Jay Rosen has a great take on Novak. He clearly highlights the 6/29 Ed Henry segment on "Inside Politics" which I felt was an important piece of infor