Cinco De Mayo Special - 1944

Nothing political this time, or urgent, earth shattering news of historic importance. Just a sampling of Mexican Radio in 1944. A program sponsored (somewhat endlessly) by Chicklets featuring singers Sofia Alvarez and Eduardo Solis and a wide

GM - Parting Glances

(before it went very far south ) With the GM bankruptcy forging ahead, and news of plant and dealership closings and sales of companies formerly pa

Open Thread

A jingle we're not likely to see, from the fabulous Paul and Storm. And yes, they're the guys who also came up with that "pay-per-view nun fight" so

Open Thread

A friend writes..."As a guy who has sung commercials for Dodge, Coors, Bud, Busch, Wrigley's, Coke, Pepsi, Toyota, Insurance companies, cereal, and on