Daniel Schorr - 1916-2010

(Daniel Schorr - one of the cornerstones of CBS News in the 1950's and 60's) [media id=17608] Most people listening to NPR the last twenty years h

The Nervous World Of July 14, 1940

(The Battle Of Britain had begun) [media id=17523] With a goodly amount of censorship, correspondent Sigrid Schultz delivered news of the war from

Bush Monologues: Open Thread

President Bush's monologue from the Radio & Television Correspondents Association Dinner. [media id=803] [media id=804] "I'd like

Breaking: A Message From Bill Keller

Breaking: A Message from Bill Keller Check out this memo from Bill Keller at The NY Times to his staff in it's entirety that I have verified from thr