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Waxman Sets The Record Straight

Following up on an item from yesterday, the White House officially made a ridiculous argument about officials' missing emails. The White House is cur

Mike's Blog Round Up

Mike's Blog Round Up The Existentialist Cowboy: If Bush can spy on you, in secret, without a court order, he can, likewise arrest you in secret, im

Mike's Blog Round Up

Mike's Blog Round Up The Enigmatic Paradox: Full update and latest additions to the Grand Old Police blotter but This One is very special... TalkL

Sen. Feingold Will Introduce

On "THIS WEEK," Sen. Feingold told George Stephanopolous that he wants the Senate to admonish Bush for approving domestic wiretaps on American citize

Frist On NSA And Cheney

Bob argues that Cheney should have come clean much sooner over the Whittington shooting especially since Bush had to practically force Cheney to make