Mike's Blog Roundup

Words of Power: While the econonomic royalists and their enforcers in politics and the media live the high life, will we he people fade into oblivion?

Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread

Walter Cronkite covering the Apollo 11 landing, July 1969. Part 1--watch Part 2 and 3 here. Walter Cronkite's death this week really brought into s

Open Thread

A little blast from the past. Walter Cronkite introduces a Dan Rather segment on Republican re-election efforts in January 1972. The more things chang

Blitzer On Drudge

He seems surprised that Drudge would post "fiction."What is wrong with these people? Eric Boehlert on " The Walter Cronkite of our Era

When Conservatives Collide

O'Reilly vs Coulter Ann and Bill squared off last night over the Iraq war. [media id=13674]-WMP [media id=13675]-QT Ann calls the bad new from