Trump Axes Another Inspector General For Doing His Job
Then-State Department Inspector General Steve Linick leaves the U.S. Capitol Oct. 2, 2019, having met with congressional officials to brief them on information related to the impeachment inquiry. It was later learned that the information related to Hunter Biden and Ukraine. Image from: Getty Images

Trump Axes Another Inspector General For Doing His Job

Trump has purged yet another inspector general, State Department IG Steve Linick.

More Crony Appointments From Scott Walker

Yes, Scott Walker rides again, this time appointing a know-nothing campaign worker over three qualified candidates. Journal-Sentinel Online: In picking a new register of deeds for Marinette County, Gov. Scott Walker picked a Republican

Educational-Industrial Complex, Idaho-Style

Meet Tom Luna, Idaho's Republican Superintendent of of Public Education, architect of the gutting of Idaho public schools, massive teacher layoffs, and union-buster. Tom Luna is an interesting character. He's a good, solid Republican, 2-year