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Dana Milbank

Milbank 'Mansplains' Why FRC Isn't A Hate Group

It's good to be a Villager. Once you get inside that Beltway and earn your first invite to the cocktail circuit, you're made in the shade. No ethic violations, no infidelity, no narrowly avoiding criminal prosecution will hurt your social

Dana Milbank's Selective Definition Of Hate

Dana Milbank is one of the reasons we can't ever have an honest debate. He and his fellow Villagers love to play the "everyone does it false equivalence" game. His latest suggests that while it was wrong for the Family Research Council to blame the

Reliable Sources Panel Defend Firing Of NPR Host And Attack MSNBC's Ratigan For Support Of #OWS

Apparently Dylan Ratigan inserting himself into the Occupy Wall Street has got the folks over at TeaNN terribly upset, since Howard Kurtz decided to spend a segment carping about it on his show that claims to report on media bias, Reliable Sources. And apparently Kurtz believes someone who was a former Trent Lott staffer and now an anchor on Glenn Beck's GBTV, Amy Holmes, qualifies as some sort of objective "journalist" to weigh in on Ratigan's advocacy of the #OWS protests.