Dave Camp

GOP Packs Super Committee On Debt With Super Liars On Taxes

That all six of the Republicans selected to the Congressional debt reduction "Super Committee" are signers of Grover Norquist's anti-tax pledge is hardly surprising. But the choice of Arizona Senator Jon Kyl, is an especially fitting one for

Newt Gingrich Touts Incoming House Leadership As Job Creators

When asked by Sean Hannity how Republicans are going to counter attacks by Democrats that their leadership doesn't care that they are supporting policies that characterize "Republicans as wanting to kick grannie out on the street and have grandma

Dancing With Congress: Tax Cut Boogie, Take One

Today's "summit" between the House and Senate leaders and President Obama looks a little like Bristol Palin pretending to be a dancer on TV. Everyone shuffles around, but it doesn't look pretty or feel quite right. Everyone has a favorite and