Dean Rusk

April 26, 1964 - The Curious Mix Of Optimism And Pessimism.

April 26, 1964 - LBJ Announces substantial Nuclear Weapons reduction. Khruschev announces similar reduction. Cuba tensions resume. Dean Rusk returns from Saigon with upbeat assessment. Robert McNamara concedes winning in Vietnam "will take time". Railroad Union settlement reached. LBJ tours Appalachia promoting War On Poverty legislation. Civil Rights Bill at a standstill. Threatened "stall-ins" at opening of Worlds Fair don't materialize, but 300 Civil Rights demonstrators arrested.

March 13, 1961 - Calms Before Storms.

March 13, 1961. West Berlin Mayor Willy Brandt offers optimism over a crisis free Berlin, at least for the near future. U.S. and European allies spend a reported $ 7 billion annually aiding under-developed countries versus Communist bloc $3/4 billion. JFK to ask Congress to fund stockpiling of Polio vaccine. Nixon joins L.A. law firm. Conference of Nations of the British Commonwealth condemn South Africa apartheid policies. Cardinal Spellman opposes Federal Funding for schools if they don't include Parochial schools.

Newstalgia Reference Room - Dean Rusk - 1967

Newstalgia Reference Room - An interview from Face the Nation with Secretary of State Dean Rusk on Vietnam, the rising tide of dissent towards the war, the recent riots, the Cold War, Communist countries, The middle East, the recent Six Day War. From July 30, 1967