New Diebold Hack: Votes Changed On The Fly By Remote

Fact or fiction? Tell me what you think. As voting officials readied Diebold machines in their precinct, a few machines received a small modification. A $10 part plugged directly into their logic board, tucked inside the machine, and the

Democracy, Corrupted

Voter record tapes recovered from trash bins in Tennesee In Tennessee, ten candidates file suit after discovering widespread voter disenfranchisement in the August 5th primary. In Houston, 10,000 voting machines and associated data spontaneously

Mike's Blog Roundup

Informed Comment: Russia rebuffs Clinton on Iran sanctions Attytood: The free market comes back to bite Rush Limbaugh Wonkette: Hot new GOP website!

Mike's Blog Round Up

It’s one thing for Bush/Cheney to lie us into war, but a rude guest who won’t leave is simply unforgivable. And why won’t Bush say “Howdy” t

Mike's Blog Roundup

Words of Power: Eleven retired Admirals and Generals concur--Global Warming is a national security issue. Then, there's The American Enterprise In

My Voting Experience

I just got back from voting and we suffered from a "glitch". As I was voting, my ballot started off with governor and then worked down throu

Mike's Blog Roundup

Booman Tribune: You get what you pay for, and in Iraq, we paid for Death Squads James Wolcott: The South has made such progress, yet in affairs of th