TRUMP'd: A New Word & A New Series

TRUMP'd: A New Word & A New Series

Trump'd: a new word for a new series. Here's episode 1! America is going to get Trump'd so hard...we're going to have to laugh along the way. Or else we'd cry. Check it out!

Whether By Train Or By Pipeline, Oil And Gas Transport Is Unsafe

The deadly oil train disaster in Lac Megantic, Quebec on July 5, which (as of this writing) has left 33 people dead, with 17 still missing, and contaminated over 60 miles of local drinking water sources, has initiated a curious response across the media spectrum.

CBS: 51 Dead In Oklahoma Tornado Disaster

A suburb near Oklahoma City was ravaged by a tornado Monday that some estimates put at nearly a mile wide (some onlookers put that size at closer to two miles) and that witnesses say more closely resembled a giant black wall of destruction than a typical twister.