This Is What Normalization Looks Like
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This Is What Normalization Looks Like

Comey Day is over, no Republican is turning on the president, and we've now reached the equilibrium that will persist at least until Election Day 2018, if not until Inauguration Day 2021, as Jonathan Martin and Jennifer Steinhauer of The New York Times report.

November 29, 1942 - On Top Of War, Horror.

News of the day, this day in history. Temporarily knocking the events of War off the front page was the story of the horrific fire at the Cocoanut Grove nightclub in Boston, killing almost 500 patrons, making one of the worst domestic fires in U.S. history. And the war went on.

August 29, 2005 - Not Your Average Day.

August 29, 2005 - Hurricane Katrina with 3 reports - the first from radio station WJBO in Baton Rouge. The second a morning report from WTOP and the third, an afternoon report from WTOP. In case you forgot.

Disaster Porn

This topic came up for some brief discussion on Real Time With Bill Maher that ought to be part of a larger one, and that is just how sorry the state of our corporate media is with misinforming the public. Everything that is supposed to be "news" is

New Rule: I Want My Country Forward

Some of Bill Maher's funnier lines from his New Rules segment tonight. New Rule: Don't ask me to believe that the hippest President we've ever had do