Cal Thomas Gets One Right

Don't look now, but right-wing columnist Cal Thomas appears to have gotten one right, proving once again that even a broken clock is right twice a day

Mike's Blog Round Up

This is Bob Morris from the eco-Leftie Politics in the Zeros - it ranges from antiwar to global warming - guest-blogging today. Deer Hunting With Je

Mike's Blog Round Up

Hi, This is Bob Morris from Politics in the Zeros guest blogging this week. My blog covers antiwar, global warming, peak oil, and the political inters

Mike's Blog Round Up

Hey ladies. My name is Manila Ryce and I'm a Scorpio. My hobbies include listening, playing shirtless guitar, and blogging at The Largest Minority. I

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Newshoggers: Bill Gertz of The Washington Times stokes hysteria over China with "a combination of anonymous sources [and] flimsy evidence..." Un

Jane's Out Of The Hospital

She got out of the hospital and picked up her things from my place with her friend just now. She looks incredibly beautiful after coming off of the su

Jane Hamsher Update

Jane's doctor said that everything went really well. She was in surgery for about 8 hours...I'll let you know more when I find out...Thanks fo