Elliot Abrams

Gingrich Sinks Like A Stone In Florida

Despite having a total wingnut for a governor, Florida is a purple state. So I always thought Newt would have a hard time pulling it out there, and it looks like in the wake of last night's debate, he's in big trouble. Just four days before the

Neocon Delights Over Egypt

In this Washington Post op-ed ridiculously titled "Egypt protests show George W. Bush was right about freedom in the Arab world," Elliot Abrams attempts to show how GWB's democracy agenda forecast the desire for the Arab peoples of the Middle

The Return Of The Iran-Contrarians

As the United States ponders its next steps following this week's multiparty talks with Iran over its nuclear program, many of the cast of character

Mike's Blog Roundup

CommonDreams: In the Wayback Machine with Iran/Contra conspirator, Elliot Abrams Danger Room: Chemical weapons have been an international taboo for de

Let's Hope

Let's hope Elliot Abrams invites David Kay for a chat. via War and Piece ... Nuclear weapons in the hands of Iran would be a grave danger to

More On Gonzales

Gonzales: Marisa Katz offers some different reasons to think Attorney-General Al Gonzales will be worse than Attorney-General John Ashcroft. I've focu