Green News Round-Up For July

Green News Round-Up For July

It's been a busy month for climate-related news, so I've decided to present some of it in round-up format to get the news to you more quickly.

Exxon Destroys Communities

Investigative reporter Steve Horn explained the legal actions targeting Exxon, how Exxon ignores safety an environmental regulations, why the Keystone XL pipeline is a public health and climate nightmare, what was missing from President Obama's climate speech, why natural gas is not a "bridge fuel" and Americans global energy policies are accelerating the climate crises.

Mayflower Residents Find Conflicting Advice From Arkansas Agencies

It’s been over five weeks since ExxonMobil’s Pegasus pipeline burst beneath a Mayflower, Arkansas subdivision, spilling diluted bitumen born of tar sands throughout the neighborhood. Five weeks later, and still the air carries noxious fumes. Residents complain of headaches, nausea, and worse.