Fear Mongering

Judd Gregg Fearmongers Over Social Security Solvency

Former New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg joined the crew of Morning Joe and jumped all over the Huffington Post's Sam Stein when he pointed out that Social Security is solvent for the next twenty some years. Gregg's reasoning -- it's not solvent

Even Neocon Robert Kagan Has Had Enough Of Beck -- Calls Him A Panic-Monger

Apparently Glenn Beck has finally fallen off of the cliff so badly that even neocon warmongers like Robert Kagan have had enough of him. Sadly not quite badly enough for CNN's resident hack John King to pretend like there was still some question about whether Beck's recent rants are anything short of crazy out and out fear mongering with the way he framed this portion of the segment.

America The Violent - 1969

(Beneath the posture - afraid of shadows, most living things, life in general) Note: In lieu of the events surround today's tragic shooting, I have suspended my usual weekend posts and am re-posting this entry from August 2009. It only