Fear Mongering

Gov LaPage Finally Walks Back 'Obamacare = Gestapo' Remark

The fear-mongering surrounding the implementation of the Affordable Care Act has officially gone Godwin, people. Because mandating that everyone purchase private health insurance is *exactly* like the German secret police who would round up people

Ezra Klein Calls Out Pat Buchanan For Defending Peter King's Fear Mongering Hearings On Muslim Americans

While discussing Rep. Peter King's upcoming McCarthyesque hearings on the threat of terrorism from Muslim Americans, even Joe Scarborough says that King is walking a fine line here and Ezra Klein agrees with Rep. Keith Ellison that King needs to back off and is not holding a serious investigation but just trying to raise his public profile by fear mongering. Pat Buchanan of course doesn't think anyone should pre-judge what King is up to.