Forbes on Fox

No Pie For You, Welfare Queens!

I think I'm supposed to take something away from this segment. Something like the idea that poor people shouldn't eat pie. Or cookies. At least, not if they're made by this lady, who stomped her tiny little hoof and forbade those food stamp baddies

Fox Panel Pushes For Privatizing The United States Post Office

From this Saturday's Forbes on Fox, more attacks on labor unions and calls to privatize the United States Postal Service. Host David Asman opened the segment talking about the postal union's decision to hire Ron Bloom, one of the advisers that helped steer the auto industry out of bankruptcy.

Fox's David Asman Is Horrified That Blue Shield Of CA Is Pledging To Cap Profits At 2% And Return Money To Policyholders

After as Susie wrote about here back in January, Blue Shield of California was seeking to hike their rates as much as 59%, it looks like they've now backtracked and are going to return $167 million to policyholders. Naturally this horrified Forbes on Fox host David Asman and some of his fellow panel members who opened his weekend show on Fox News like this: