David Frum Is Making (political) Sense

I obviously don't agree with all of the policy remedies in this column, but holy cow does David Frum understand the politics of the moment. Here are the relevant parts: Employment is issue 1 in 2010. The Obama approach to the jobs issue has not

Debating The "Freedom Agenda"

In which Andrew Bacevich schools David Frum on strategic defense policy issues. David Frum asks Dr. Bacevich how he would advise Obama (just around

Frum Must Not Read Blogs

It looks like the most talked-about media piece of the day is David Frum’s take on Karl Rove’s White House tenure. Frum, a former Bush speechwrite

We've Got A New Iraq Slogan!

It looks like Bush did come away with one thing from the ISG group that he likes. He's got a new slogan. Is David Frum getting jealous yet? Ariann

Mike's Blog Roundup: November 5

alicublog: It's not possible that a functional adult could be as ignorant as former Bush special assistant David Frum portrays himself here. BAGn

Sadly, No! Nails It

Yeah, those too David Frum opens up a can of worms and spills it all over himself: True story: I arrive at a Washington DC office building this morni