Polls, Dead Fish, And A Crazy Electorate

Are the polls making you as nutty as they're making me? They're defying all of my gut instincts right now, with this crazy up and down, back and forth, counterintuitive crazymaking. I told you I'm not a poll truther and I'm not, which is why

Bernard Goldberg Accuses Democrats Of Being Too Stupid To Vote

From this Monday evening's The O'Reilly Factor, flame thrower Bernard Goldberg apparently isn't the only one wanting to discourage people from voting: Fox's Bernard Goldberg: "If You Don't Know How Many States There Are" Or "What The Capital Of The"

What's Different About President Obama?

Gallup published their most recent approval ratings for President Obama today. Since they were up slightly, Gallup felt it was important to tell all of us how the President's approval ratings tracked with others'. If Obama's standing among

Eric Cantor Unveils The GOP's Con JOBS Act

For the perpetual tax-cutters of the Republican Party, last week's surrender on the payroll tax cut extension for 160 million working Americans was an especially damaging one. While tried if untrue GOP talking points that "tax cuts pay for