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Spocko Vs. The Big Rat

Mike had this as part of his Blog Round Up a couple of days ago, but C&Ler Nate of GITF sent in this tip. As bloggers, it's worth repeating.

C&L's Late Night Music Club With A House

What a great world we all live in Even better, what a time to be here A House were a band we were releasing when I worked at Sire Records. I always l

FOX News Does Bush's Bidding

Senator Boxer appeared on FOX yesterday to discuss the Iraq War and homeland security. After making her points, host Jane Skinner does Bush a favor

Remember The Anthrax Letters?

Perhaps the single most common refrain from the White House and the president's allies is that there have been no terrorist attacks on U.S. soil since

I Wouldn't Want To Admit It, Either

Rasmussen Reports conducts a national tracking poll of 15,000 voters per month, and in its latest round of polling, they found fewer and fewer people