Steve Gilliard, RIP

The News Blog: Steve Gilliard, 1966-2007 It is with tremendous sadness that we must convey the news that Steve Gilliard, editor and publisher of The

Jane Hamsher Update

I talked to Jane three times on the phone Friday and today. She sounds unbelievably strong after such an intense procedure. It looks like she'll

The Debunking Of Hiatt

Jane writes an excellent piece debunking Fred Hiatt's op-ed in the Washington Post called," A Good Leak." It actually has a mechanism in place that Fr

Hats Off To Jane

Jane Hamsher just finished the on-line panel from the Washington Post. Check it out and if you can-go over to her blog and give her some props. (Upda

WaPo On Walmart, C&L And FDL

WaPo: "...The blog Firedoglake, run by Jane Hamsher in Oregon, posted news of the combination yesterday afternoon under the heading "So Wrong." The in

The Agonist Radio

The Agonist Radio I'm joining Sean-Paul from "The Agonist" on his radio program at 6:30-7:00PM PST- and will be followed by Jane Hamsher from FireDo

Telling It Like It Is.

Matt Stoller tells it like it is. Jane Hamsher tells it like it is. Peter Daou tells it like it is.

Say What? Chatter Bugs!

(Plame-aholics) More was revealed on Hardball today than any of us would have thought possible about Vivac, Luskin, Hadley and Rove if true. Special