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Six Months Of Rising Home Prices Signals Recovery

Single-family home prices rose in September for an sixth straight month in a further sign that the housing market is on the mend, a closely watched survey showed on Tuesday. The 3.6% increase from a year earlier is the biggest percentage

Zombie Mortgages Rise From The Dead

More and more, homeowners say that mortgages they thought were dead and buried are springing back to life, sometimes haunting them all the way into foreclosure.

Five Jobs Bills Obama Can Send Congress Right Now

As the New York Times reported Sunday, within the Obama White House a fierce debate is raging about what to do next about jobs and the economy. But on the same day Americans learned advisers David Plouffe and Bill Daley are pushing President

60 Minutes: Mortgage Foreclosure Fraud: The Next Housing Shock?

I'd like to know when some people are going to start going to prison over this kind of thing. FDL's Dave Dayden had a good post up ahead of tonight's airing of this segment -- 60 Minutes Tackles Foreclosure Fraud Tonight, Exposing Unresolved Chain of Title Problems.