Burning Hillary At The Stake: A Race Like No Other

Burning Hillary At The Stake: A Race Like No Other

Unwittingly, unintentionally, party hardliners managed to churn up their portion of the masses so effectively they made it easy for a fast-talking charlatan like Trump to pounce on this most golden of opportunities, winning vast numbers of hardened hearts and brainwashed minds.
It’s A Wonderful Life, Comrade

It’s A Wonderful Life, Comrade

It turns out Ayn Rand helped the FBI analyze films for "Communist" content, and one of their targets was "It's A Wonderful Life."

March 30, 1965 - Another Inch Deeper.

March 30, 1965. In-depth look at the major stories of the day. Terrorist bombing of U.S. Embassy in Saigon. White House weighs retaliation options. HUAC turns its attention to the KKK and other domestic terrorist groups. Man convicted of robbery and murder and sentenced in absentia in 1920 turns up and faces trial 45 years later. And Charles De Gaulle launched tirade against French Scientists speaking English.

August 15, 1951 - "Scandal Mongers With Rotten Motives".

News of the day for August 15, 1951 - Senate Crime Commission Hearing dealing with Crime and New York Politics. Testimony from former O'Dwyer aid Irving Sherman blacked out at his request. Truce talks deadlock in Korea. Debate on Foreign Aid Bill postponed. Great Britain will still trade with Communist countries. Sen. Joe McCarthy wants equal time to answer Truman address citing Scandal Mongers with Rotten Motives. HUAC hearings to continue. Classical Piano legend Artur Schnabel dies at 69 from long illness and Iran rejects British proposal to split oil profits 50-50.

December 10, 1947 - Calm In Places - Flying Off The Handle In Others

December 10, 1947 and a reasonably calm day in history. Food rationing was still being discussed on Capitol Hill and so was the Black Market. The Middle East was getting ready to blow up with sides forming. News on the Hollywood Writers HUAC hearings and getting ready for the 1948 elections.

The World Of Civil Rights In 1947

(Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall at the HUAC hearings - the circus was in town) [media id=17545] In 1947 the famous (or infamous) HUAC Hearings wer

The State Of Dissent In 1960

(While mainstream America pondered dissent - HUAC was going full blast) [media id=12892] I suppose just how naive our state of media was in 1960 i