Human Events

Right Wing Bigwigs Meet To Plot Their Final Solution

Still fresh with the rush of blood in the water, right-wing extremists gathered recently at a secret Washington DC meeting to plan the demise of the country as we know it. Led by ideologues and think tank luminaries, they're all planning the next

Impeachment Polls Surprisingly Well

A surprising number of Americans seem to think impeachment is a good idea. From the very conservative magazine, Human Events: Few serious observers t

Republican Hypocrisy 101

On "The Situation Room" today, Human Events editor Terry Jeffrey said that Don Imus "represents a general decline in standards in Amer

Books I Won't Read

Terry Jeffries and Human Events Online have some book buying recommendations for you: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades), b

The Blighted Bookshelf...

or, Ten of the Most Damaging Winger Books of All Time the opinion mill Good morning, class. Yesterday we talked about the list of dangerous books