GOP's Heisting Of California

RJ: "California's appointed (as opposed to elected) Republican Secretary of State has recertified Diebold's voting machines, despite a damning repor

Mike's Blog Round Up

Bruin Design: Can you think of a reason why the Bushistas are interested in YOUR phone calls and web surfing habits? How about 8 reasons? If this sto

Cafferty: Isn't Frist Indicted Too?

Cafferty: Isn't Frist indicted too? Monday Funnies That's not what he said, but Jack blitzed Wolfie today as they were laughing at some of the predi

FOX News Screw Up Again!

via Media Bistro : Early this afternoon, Fox News prematurely pronounced the Pope dead. "At 1:23 p.m., Fox News Channel anchor Shepard Smith reported