Another Layer To Rendell’s Fracking Connections

Despite assurances that he had "pecuniary interest in the natural gas industry doing well," former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell is a paid consultant to a private equity firm with natural gas investments.

Buffett: Take More Of My Money

Video: Warren Buffett - Unpretentious Billionaire Businessman and investor Warren Buffett was born on August 30,1930, in Omaha, Nebraska. Investing by age 11, Buffett was running a small business at 13. Buffett later started the firm Buffett

Mitt Romney: Answer Their Questions Tonight

These American workers all have one thing in common: Bain Capital laid them off and outsourced their jobs. They've traveled from all over the country to gather outside the debate tonight and demand that Mitt Romney answer their questions about how he ran Bain, and how he'll run the country.

Arrests At Bain-Owned Sensata Plant

With Election Day on the horizon, a Bain-owned company in Freeport, IL, is moving out equipment as it shuts down operations in the U.S. to ship 170 jobs overseas. On Monday, workers and community members blocked the loading dock for a second