Dr. Strangehammer's Ugly Conservative Bile-Filled Rant

Dr. Charles Krauthammer joined Bret Baier and the Fox News coverage on election night as soon as Fox called Ohio for Obama, though the president had not been declared the winner yet. Like many of his recent TV appearances, Krauthammer appearance

America Elects A Liberal Agenda

Whew, what a day and night we had on election day. It was fascinating watching all three cable networks covering the unfolding of an unbelievable night. What did we learn? Well, the lessons were clear. America repudiated conservatism completely

Parliamentary Practices Have Destroyed American Politics

I've written many times that movement Conservatism as it has evolved since the 'New Right' began during Goldwater's days and morphed into the Abramoff/Norquist/Reed triad of Conservatism implemented with the College Republicans of the 80's has