Janet Napolitano

Gov. Jan Brewer: DHS Release Of Immigrant Detainees 'Appalling'

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer was terribly upset with the news that this sequester battle is going to end up cutting into the profits of her buddies in the private prison industry. Brewer appeared on Fox this Wednesday and called the release by the Department of Homeland Security of non-violent immigrant detainees "appalling."

Geraldo: Is There A 'Lesbian Cabal' At DHS?

Oh dear, oh dear. I guess now that Geraldo has stopped playing around, it's still all he can think about. Lesbian cabal? Ooo la la! Why, he was so excited thinking about it, I'll bet he could hardly wait to get home: The Fox News host -- last

Janet Napolitano Slams Drudge: 'He's Just Wrong'

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano Tuesday laughed off attacks on her by The Drudge Report, saying that the conservative website was "just wrong" to suggest the government was overreaching in its efforts to keep