Alex Jones Attacks Maddow's Sexuality After Being Called On Wingnut Conspiracy Theories

As Karoli recently wrote about here, Rachel Maddow took wingnut Alex Jones to task for the long list of conspiracy theories that he's been peddling for years, the latest of which being that the United States supposedly used a "weather weapon" in Oklahoma.

So naturally, Jones decided to respond to Maddow in one of the ugliest ways imaginable -- by attacking her sexuality and her looks. Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes all the way to the bone, and as far as I'm concerned, Alex Jones really doesn't have any business saying anything about Rachel Maddow's looks.

Alex Jones responded to Rachel Maddow‘s skewering of his special tornado-weather-machine-conspiracy theory on his radio show Friday by saying she looks like a man.

After noting that the media was out to get him by hounding people he went to high school with, Jones said, “Or they could just do what Mr. Maddow does, I mean Janet Reno—Janet Napolitano! I get them all confused.” Jones pounded the desk in mock-frustration. “Pat from Saturday Night Live? No, no…Ron Maddow?”

“Nothing wrong with it, I mean, he’s a handsome guy.”

Jones then had a deep, meaningful moment. “I’m gonna be honest with everybody,” he said, and after an extended pseudo-pause, “I’m attracted to Mr. Maddow, and that really conflicts my, uh…I always thought of myself as a heterosexual,but…”

“I wonder if Mr. Maddow is gonna join the Boy Scouts as a troop leader,” Jones said, cracking himself up.

“I’m sorry, that’s not right,” he said. “I should criticize Rachel Maddow on lying to her audience.”

Yeah, he's sorry alright.

h/t Alan Colmes

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