Jared Bernstein

Who's The Real 'Destroyer Of Souls'?

Watching this CNBC segment with Jared Bernstein and Kudlow, I can only think how screwed the conservative mind truly is.They've morphed the takers and moochers talking points into attacks on Americans with disabilities. It's very nasty and

Jared Bernstein: Paul Ryan's Budget Numbers Don't Add Up

Economist Jared Bernstein beautifully eviscerates the intellectual foundation (or lack thereof) for Paul Ryan's economic policies -- which is really not difficult, even for bloggers. The problem? The members of the media who are still too damn

The Fox Effect: Gas Prices Are A Perfect Example

This is not a post about rising gas prices, despite the title of the video. No, this post is about something else entirely. Rising gas prices just happens to be the convenient topic. I've just finished reading "The Fox Effect" by David

Job Numbers Hype: It's Bad Politics And Worse Policy

The reaction to January's jobs report shows how tragically our expectations have fallen, especially among some Democrats and their supporters. Their cheerleading isn't just bad policy or bad politics, although it is both of those things. It's