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Gillespie: Romney Wasn't 'Targeting' Big Bird And PBS

As Karoli explained this week, Republicans going after the funding for things like PBS, and "Planned Parenthood, NOAA, EPA, NPR, medical research, the UN intergovernmental panel on climate change, the OAS, and of course, Obamacare" is nothing new, but that didn't stop Romney adviser Ed Gillespie from pretending that Romney wasn't putting a target on Big Bird and PBS during the first presidential debate.

SNL Pans Obama For Debate Performance

The producers at Saturday Night Live think they figured out why President Obama had such a hard time during the first presidential debate. He forgot his anniversary and Al Gore was right, and the altitude was getting to him. My own theory is

First Debate Ad Is Out: 'Mitt Romney, What A Guy'

According to most of the polls right after the presidential debate on Wednesday night, Mitt Romney was the big winner, including according to this CNN poll. Yet in this new ad put out by the DNC in response to the debate, Mitt Romney came

Mitt Romney Loves Big Bird, Fires Him Anyway

Mitt Romney has stated publicly that he likes being able to fire people. But Big Bird? Yes, Big Bird was put on notice, as was the debate moderator, Jim Lehrer of PBS and the entire PBS network.