Bill Kristol: Romney Should 'Ignore Jim Lehrer' And Go After Obama In Upcoming Debate


On this week's Fox News Sunday, Bloody Bill Kristol had some advice for Willard for the upcoming presidential debate – just ignore the moderator and don't answer his questions and attack the President instead.

WALLACE: Well, Bill, you just heard Paul Ryan say that Romney will offer the country a clear choice of two different economic futures. Is that what Romney needs to do Wednesday? Is that enough?

KRISTOL: Well, I think it will be good just to win the debate. That’s my main advice to Gov. Romney and it's sort of time to begin panicking a little bit and I think that means offering his own way ahead and really explaining why the next four years under President Obama will be disastrous.

Shouldn't focus on the last four years. Focus on the next four years – a clear choice – but really lay out what four more years of Obama policies in terms of debt, in terms of no economic growth and in terms of failed foreign policy would look like. Lay out the Romney alternative.

And I think he needs to go right at Obama. My main advice would be, ignore Jim Lehrer, ignore the moderator – sort of like what Juan does with you – you know when Juan and I, when Juan argues with me and just ignores your questions and all that – he's got to take – do not answer Jim Lehrer, go after President Obama directly. Speak to him in the second person. Say you have failed unfortunately and here's what we can do differently and really make it a stark contrast.

Yeah, that should help to humanize Romney. Have him go on the attack. Romney didn't exactly come across as warm and fuzzy during the Republican primary debates and was often aggressive with the other candidates, so I didn't expect anything much different from him this time around. That said, I think listening to Kristol's advice here and just completely ignoring the moderator and straight out refusing to respond to their questions could very well end up backfiring on him.

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