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No Labels Gets The Hero They Deserve
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No Labels Gets The Hero They Deserve

From the start it has been clear to most of us on the Left that "No Labels" was cooked up as a Burkean cosplay fantasy camp where an entire menagerie of Beltway parasites and con men feast upon the credulity and cowardice of wealthy political shut-ins and weak-minded child-men who cannot face the fact that the GOP has gone mad, and a variety of "true Conservatives" who have been run out of the movement by the beast they created.

Americans Elect Dies A Quiet Death

Americans Elect, the organization for people without an opinion, has died, and not a moment too soon. Via Washington Post's Chris Cillizza: Late Thursday night, Americans Elect, a much-ballyhooed group dedicated to securing ballot access for a

New Hampshire Primary Preview

State: New Hampshire Type of election: Primary How it works: Straight-ahead process where voters go to the polls and vote via traditional secret ballot. The primary is a modified open contest meaning that voters registered independent or