October 11, 2015

Jason Chaffetz, the Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, recently admitted that he was unable to uncover any wrongdoing by Planned Parenthood with his Congressional witch hunt. With all the "success" of his Fast and Furious, IRS, Benghazi and PP hearings, he deems himself very qualified to assume the role of Speaker of the House. Martha Raddatz introduced the Utah Republican with a summary of this week's events in the volatile GOP House.

RADDATZ: You have heard the descriptions of what happened this week. "Total confusion," "a banana republic," "turmoil," "crisis," in the party, Chris Christie comparing this to "Game of Thrones."

And The Washington Post's Karen Tumulty writing this, "Less than a year after a sweeping electoral triumph, Republicans are on the verge of ceasing to function as national political party."

Mr. Chairman, how do you think Americans should see this?

CHAFFETZ: Well, that was a little dramatic. Look, we have passed out of the House roughly 200 bills that are sitting over in the U.S. Senate. A lot of our frustration is with the Senate, it's with the president. But we have to change things. We need a fresh start. We have a gulf and a divide that needs to be bridged...And so we're going through that exercise because Speaker Boehner stepped down. And the majority leader decided that we do need a fresh face. That's, in part, why I put my name in for the spot.

RADDATZ: You may be a fresh face. But do you really think you can bridge this enormous divide?

Raddatz asked him why, then, does Darrell Issa think that Chaffetz is NOT interested in making government work? The Mormon convert, known as @JasonintheHouse on Twitter, boasted again of his 'accomplishments.' One of those, apparently, is befriending a Black Democrat, or fellow Republican Rick Santorum said, a "Blah guy."

'People have seen me fighting everything from Fast and Furious to the IRS on Planned Parenthood to a host of things, Benghazi and others. I've earned that reputation over 6.5 years. I have worked closely with my Democratic allies. Elijah Cummings is a good friend. We have done over I think 200 letters now to the administration. So I do things a little bit differently.'

Martha asks him to expound on what he thinks of Paul Ryan as a potential Speaker. He claims that Ryan, who would have made a great Vice President or even President. Raddatz asked if the the Freedom Caucus member has spoken with Ryan, but he admits he hasn't. He believes that Ryan's relatively young family takes precedence, and that's why he doesn't really want the job. He thinks he's a great choice, one who 'checks all the boxes,' but infers that he, Chaffetz, is the most qualified for the job. No matter what, he will support whomever the GOP decides, which currently appears highly disorganized. His own Freedom Caucus is rallying around Florida Tea Party extremist, Daniel Webster.

The issue of compromising with these hardliners was addressed next. Somehow, magically, Jason Chaffetz would never have to cut a deal, with anyone, for any reason.

But I don't think you have to cut a deal with anybody. There's no -- there's no deal that you have to cut. I think I've earned a reputation of being fair and that I'll hear all sides from the entire political spectrum.

And really, the role of the Speaker is to be the constitutional officer that makes sure that the process is fair, it's balanced. We protect minority rights and that we allow these good bills and ideas to percolate from the bottom up, rather than a top-down driven process, where the Speaker is telling the body what to do. I think the Speaker works for the conference.

Fairness is something Chaffetz is famous for? If you watch just a few minutes of his Cecil Richards-bashing, it clearly shows that his assertion is quite laughable.

The interview goes full circle as Raddatz asks what impact all this tumult will have on the party's future, specifically the 2016 election. Chaffetz insists that the American People swept in the Republicans in 2014, and they've been waiting for the change that has yet to come. The reason that change hasn't happened, he feels, is the uncooperative, obstructing Senate and the Executive Branch, all who fail to act on the plethora of (fear-mongering, anti-women, voter suppression and tax cuts for the obscenely wealthy) bills that he champions. In case you didn't know, the GOP House members haven't been the obstructionists, it's everyone else's fault.

Finally, the upcoming Benghazi hearings on October 22 will bring some salient information that will, this time, bury Hillary. Martha asks about the 'former staffer on the Benghazi committee (who) says he was fired from that committee because he was told to focus too much on Hillary Clinton instead of finding out answers about Benghazi. Chaffetz denies that possibility, and hints that he can't go into the details, but he assures everyone,

'Trey Gowdy is running a very professional first-rate organization there. The hearing coming up on October 22nd is absolutely going to be, I think, a first-class presentation, where everybody asks questions.'

By first-class, first-rate, he means another god awful circus sideshow that wastes far too much money for absolutely no purpose other than his own political grandstanding.

Former Utah Governor and GOP Presidential Candidate, Jon Huntsman, claims that Chaffetz is very ambitious, and he has certainly not hidden his opinion.

Chaffetz lasted less than a year as Huntsman's chief of staff, getting pushed out because he irritated state lawmakers.

It looks like Webster, Ryan and anyone else who stands in his way could be Chaffetzed. Even if he has yet to accomplish anything noteworthy, Jason Chaffetz thinks very highly of his abilities to succeed where no one else could, as the 'fair and balanced' Speaker.

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