Mike's Blog Roundup

RaceWire: Best photo from the 9/12 Tea Party Harold Meyerson: The "values" of the largest private-sector employer in the U.S. are shaping our nationa

Mike's Blog Roundup

onegoodmove: Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris respond to Nicholas Kristof's expressions of dismay that they would actually be so impolite as to crit

Nickalas Kristof On Darfur

Television "dropped the ball" by covering Michael Jackson instead of Darfur Kristof was on "Reliable Sources," today and talked about the media's lac

Approximately Perfect

The truest thing Kristof has ever said Mr. Bush, Take a Look at MTV: Mr. Bush hasn't even taken a position on the Darfur Accountability Act and ot

Janis Joplin Tribute

Teenage British soul star Joss Stone and a bald Melissa Etheridge electrified the Grammys audience with a gritty tribute to Janis Joplin. Video Kri

Just Blame The Liberals!

Just blame the liberals! From Altercation: The problem is...The Problem in Iraq is… liberals. (Just ask a “liberal”) “These days,