Lee Stranahan

Hannity Pimps Breitbart's Huge Flop Occupy Smear Film

All of Sean Hannity's show Thursday night was an exercise in whining babble. You almost had to have a translator to understand all of his nonsense about taxes and cliffs and the vaunted values of conservatism. But right in the middle, he took a

The National Bloggers Club And Their Super PAC Friends

Co-authored with Alex Brant-Zawadzki and Bill Schmalfeldt. Research assistance by Melissa Brewer. Ali Akbar, now President of the National Bloggers Club, is one of the conservative blogosphere's most infamous characters. He began his campaign

Open Thread

Introducing Sarah Palin's former speech writer -- Lee Stranahan. Video courtesy of Bob Cesca's Awesome Blog! Open thread below...

Open Thread

We've been running a number of videos by the very talented Lee Stranahan lately. Here's another: (h/t Maribeth)