Open Thread

C&L sends our best wishes to the family and friends of Martin Bosworth, who passed away yesterday. Martin was a strong and clear voice, gifted writ

Mark "Cabin Boy" Levin

I was dropping off a DVD and turned on the radio to see who was on Conservative talk. Levin the "ultra conservative" (he's not happy wi

My Heart Is Broken

Philly: Don't expect to see Sen. Rick Santorum's name on the 2008 presidential ballot. "Absolutely, positively not. Absolutely not,&quo

South Dakota Is Back: Judges Beware

Remember SD's very own Bill Napoli? Now they want to destroy our legal system: Judges across several Western states could soon face new limits on

Something Is Under Mark Levin's Skin

(A little late night fun at C&L) Oh yea, it's us! He's not happy because Kate O'Berine's book tanked so quickly. The word I'm hearing is that man