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Planned Parenthood - Secretly Beloved By The GOP?

Planned Parenthood - Secretly Beloved By The GOP?

The GOP should LOVE abortions! It's the fiscally conservative position. If you don't believe it, check out this video to see what we're talking about. Plus, watch us make fun of that ridiculous Planned Parenthood hearing. And please subscribe to
Are You About To Get Dumped By A Liberal Friend?

Are You About To Get Dumped By A Liberal Friend?

Pew Research says "Watch out!" You might be a liberal in sheep's clothing and your best friends might turn their backs on you at any moment. Here's a simple test to find out if you'll be alone for the holiday season because of your politics.

Brief Rundown Of Just How Big A Victory Tuesday Was For Democrats

People who know me best know I have a VERY low threshold for B.S.. So when the boss (and several others) here at C&L started complaining one day after the election that "President Obama needs to change if Democrats are going to win again in 2016",

Nuns On A Bus

Network Executive Director Sister Simone Campbell kicked off the nine-state “Nuns on the Bus” tour at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Des Moines, Iowa. She spoke on the pressing need for solidarity in our society and the harm the House

NYPD Infiltrated Liberal Groups

Documents show the New York Police Department has infiltrated liberal political groups and kept intelligence files on activists. The NYPD says it's part of its counter-terror efforts, but many activists are concerned about civil liberties.