What Is Liberty? Access To Health Care Or Death?

Thank you, Michele Bachmann. I appreciate the opportunity to finally be able to express my thoughts on this week's Supreme Court arguments and the question of liberty. Rep. Bachmann thinks every uninsured person in this country simply

#M17 Occupy Wall Street Zuccotti Park Arrests

On March 17 , Occupy Wall Street demonstrators gathered for their Six month anniversary, where people re-occupied Zuccotti Park. This footage begins around 9 O'clock p.m.,and shows the gathering that took place along with many of the arrests...

Ron Paul: If It's An 'Honest Rape' A Woman Should Go To The Emergency Room, 'Get A Shot Of Estrogen'

From this Friday night's Piers Morgan on CNN, Ron Paul apparently believes that only women who have been raped should have the right to an abortion and worse yet, he qualified the term with the word "honest." Lauren Kelley over at AlterNet weighed in on a couple of the reasons that Paul's statements during this interview are extremely troubling to put it mildly.

Tax The Rich! In Fact, Let's Double Their Taxes

Conservatives say they want to "bring back" the old USA, the one that existed during those decades of the twentieth century they only seem to see through a gauzy golden haze. Whatever its problems, that country was a place where Republicans and

Mike's Blog Roundup

A Tiny Revolution: It's repentin' time in heaven. "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither lib

Mike's Blog Roundup

Balloon Juice: The White House has declared a "major victory," thanks to 105 sellout Dems and...(cough) 'leaders' Hoyer, Pelosi...and Barack Obama. Th

How Did You Celebrate Law Day?

As a rule, Law Day, a ceremonial holiday since 1958, goes by largely unnoticed. It was established as a Cold War counterpart to May 1, the biggest day