Lincoln Memorial

Stephen Colbert, We Need You To Restore Truthiness!

From Brave New Films: Stephen Colbert we need you to hold a "Restoring Truthiness" rally on 10/10/10! If you are tired of Glenn Beck and want to Stephen Colbert to unleash his satirical genius on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, then tell

Countdown: St. Beck As In Wreck

Keith's first edition of "St. Beck as in Wreck" with some corrections on Beck's history revisionism during his Restoring Honor rally in Washington D.C. on the Washington Monument. As Keith said if St. Beck is going to preach to his flock, he needs

I Have A Dream

I have a Dream 3 Quarks Daily: It is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in America. This is the full text of MLK's heroic and devastatingly moving speech de