(h/t GottaLaff at Political Carnival) By now, unless you've been living under a rock, or below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico, you know that G
July 2, 2010

(h/t GottaLaff at Political Carnival)

By now, unless you've been living under a rock, or below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico, you know that Glenn Beck is about the lowest common denominator when it comes to corporate teevee and radio. Despite his ratings dive and a lack of sponsors, he still considers himself to be a winner.

Well, he's really stepping in it this time. He's asking his fans to make donations to a military charity to fund a rally in Washington D.C. - the only problem is that the rally is nothing more than a release party for his new book and well...I'll let GottaLaff tell the rest of the story, keying off this audio report from Bill Press:

Yes, you heard right. Beck doesn’t even have a permit for The Big Rally yet. They’ve applied, but they’re still in negotiations. Yet, they’re selling merchandise as if it’s a done deal. He’s selling stuff for an event that may never take place.

It’s also not being held at the Lincoln Memorial, but at the reflecting pool, across the street. Glenn Beck is lying about the location of the rally.

And finally, he’s exploiting a charity by soliciting contributions to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. But see, the fine print says all contributions will first be applied to the rally, the one with Sarah Palin. All contributions in excess of the costs will go to the troops.

Let’s recap:
–He’s desecrating the memory of Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln;
–He’s lying to the (gullible) American people who still choose to give him an ounce of credibility, and
–He’s using a charity set up to raise money for members of the military, and then stealing the money he raises to pay for his little get together. Read on...

I am flabbergasted that Glenn Beck would try to freeload like that! /snark WTF is wrong with pukes like Beck and Hannity, who claim to be sooo patriotic, yet use military charities to enrich themselves? Oh wait...they're Republicans....

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