"Reasonable Suspicion"

Many right-wing pundits like Byron York have been defending Arizona's new immigration law by saying that there is a great deal of case law that deals

Mike's Blog Roundup

No More Mister Nice Blog: Things that normal people are opposed to on principle, conservatives are opposed to only when they are happening to the "wro

Al Gore With Diane Sawyer

Al Gore tries to explain his book to Diane Sawyer on GMA, but can't get her to stop asking about him about he '08 election. Oh, and how fat i

Mike's Blog Round Up

King of Zembla: The death, three years ago, of British weapons inspector David Kelly smelled at the time. It stinks now. Democrats.com: Republican hy

Gen. George Joulwan On Rumsfeld

Gen. George Joulwan on Rumsfeld The General came on "The Situation Room," and talked about the criticisms being heaped on Rumsfeld's handling of the

The Bush-Dubai Challenge

I haven't been a very big Lou Dobbs fan-you might say, but I received a lot of emails on this segment from last night. Lou takes Bush up on his chall

Mike's Blog Round Up

Red Tory: Applying the baffling logic of Wingnuttia, Michelle Malkin divines the collective outlook of more than 600 million people based on a handful