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"The Reason for the Season." Our sister site Newstalgia's MLK post is well worth the click. Open thread below.

Yolanda King, 1955 - 2007 RIP

(Wikipedia) 11AliveNews (h/t miss kitty): Yolanda King, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s eldest child who pursued her father's dream of ra

Honoring The Man And His Words

One of my favorite places to take my kids in San Francisco is Yerba Buena Gardens. In addition to the carousel, the playground and the ice skating rin

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Considering the holiday, I thought this was apt. The evolution (devolution?) of rhetoric: Bill O'Reilly vs. Martin Luther King, Jr. (h/t The Amer

Drudge Weasels To Jab At The Dems

I've seen a couple of posters mention it a few times and it made me curious, so I hopped on "the Google" to see what I could find. Ther

Mike's Blog Roundup

Tristram Shandy: Here's some breathtaking historical revisionism. Mitch McConnell, discussing the judiciary, says he expects the Dems to extend th

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TPM Cafe Martin Luther King, Jr., was a Republican. That's the startling claim made in a new radio ad being aired in Maryland by a new group called t

Roots Radio DC

Was it racist for Ben Domench to call Coretta Scott King a Communist, repeating the accusations of southern bigots who tried to smear Martin Luther K

I Have A Dream

I have a Dream 3 Quarks Daily: It is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in America. This is the full text of MLK's heroic and devastatingly moving speech de