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GOP Aides Frustrated With House Republicans

“We have got to get past that and figure out what are we going to do going forward,” a GOP aide stressed. “Some of the accusations, I mean you wouldn’t believe some of this stuff. It’s just — I mean, you’ve got to be on Mars to come up with some of this stuff.”

December 3, 1999 - Mars Wasn't Happening But The Economy Was.

News of the day for Friday December 3, 1999 - Mars Polar Lander mission hits snag and loses communication with NASA. Upturn in the economy and Pres. Clinton announces 20 million new jobs as a result. World Trade Summit clashes continue. Stock Market in steady climb - poised to hit 10,000. Not a bad day, unless you worked for NASA or were hanging out in Seattle.

Open Thread

There is nothing like seeing close up pictures of a planet millions of miles away to make you feel like a tiny blip in the universe. This is a hi-re

Mars Landing Successful

'cause I've been a NASA geek since I was a kid... Science Daily: A NASA spacecraft has sent pictures showing itself in good condition after making