Livestream: March Against Monsanto

At the moment over two million people have planned to carry out over 400 global March Against Monsanto events in 52 countries, 200 cities, and simultaneously in 47 states in the United States on Saturday.

99% To Monsanto: 'NO MORE!'

Join the March Against Monsanto to shut down the one corporation that controls every morsel of food from our cradles to our graves.

How Corporate Interests Killed Common Sense

California's 2012 General Election ballot had some key ballot measures on it. One was an initiative requiring food labels to disclose whether or not products manufactured were made with genetically modified foods (GMO). Until mid-September, the

Protests To Target Frankenfood Corporations On Occupy Anniversary

An expanding network of concerned individuals known as Occupy Monsanto has emerged over the past 8 months staging numerous protests at companies connected to the global trade of genetically engineered foods, also known as GMOs. The network announced today that on September 17, 2012 protests will begin for an entire week in St. Louis, home of the Monsanto Corporation, and across the US including California where voters will decide if they will label GMOs this election and worldwide in Argentina, Canada, Germany, India, Philippines, and other countries where concern over GMO impact on the environment and human health is growing.