New Deal

Santorum: FDR 'Stopped Creativity' And 'Drove Businessmen Away'

Former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum on Wednesday suggested that President Franklin Roosevelt actually made the Great Depression worse with "class warfare politics" that "stopped creativity" and "drove businessmen away." The

FDR Has A Word Or Two About Budgets And Spending - 1936

President Roosevelt, addressing a crowd estimated at over 60,000 in Pittsburgh on October 1, 1936, talks about the accomplishments of his administration during the first four years and has a few words about the economy, the budget and the average American.

Gone Are All Those Rockefeller Republicans

To fully comprehend the sad spectacle that has become American politics since the 1980s, you need not peruse the politics section of major periodicals. Or the opinion, news or business pages of illustrious publications. No, lately you’d be