Nuclear Disarmament

Gordon Chang Blasts NOKO Summit 2.0 On Fox News

Gordon Chang Blasts NOKO Summit 2.0 On Fox News

As Summit 2.0 began, Fox News guest pilfered the entire meeting saying the North Koreans are"laughing at us" and unless Kim agrees to declare all their nuclear facilities and a timetable for complete disarmament, no further talks should take place.

April 26, 1964 - The Curious Mix Of Optimism And Pessimism.

April 26, 1964 - LBJ Announces substantial Nuclear Weapons reduction. Khruschev announces similar reduction. Cuba tensions resume. Dean Rusk returns from Saigon with upbeat assessment. Robert McNamara concedes winning in Vietnam "will take time". Railroad Union settlement reached. LBJ tours Appalachia promoting War On Poverty legislation. Civil Rights Bill at a standstill. Threatened "stall-ins" at opening of Worlds Fair don't materialize, but 300 Civil Rights demonstrators arrested.

January 24, 1958 - The World Of Disarmament Talks.

News of the day, this day in history - report from The United Nations, daily newscast featuring world events. A Dag Hammarskjold Press conference on this day - optimistic over resumption of Nuclear Disarmament talks. West Germany not thrilled. Middle East reported calm. Meetings on Central American Trade. World Health Organization and the recent Cyclone crisis in Ceylon. UN Representative from the U.S. Henry Cabot Lodge to leave on the 28th for month long visit to Iran, Afghanistan and India.

National Security Experts Call For New START Ratification

A newly-formed organization called the "Consensus for American Security" has written an open letter to Senators Reid and McConnell, asking them to pass the New START arms control treaty before the end of the year. This letter has more than 40

Obama Turns Back Time...Slightly

The Board of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists at the University of Chicago has kept a Doomsday Clock since 1947, gauging how serious the degree of

Global Zero

One group that seems to have become far more motivated by the prospect of someone halfway sane in the White House are nuclear nonproliferation advocat