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Shot Fired At Obama Field Office In Denver

I'm sure it's just some Democrat trying to make people feel sorry for Obama : Police say someone fired a shot at an Obama campaign field office in Denver on Friday afternoon. No one was injured, though people were inside the offices when

Rand Paul, The AAPS, And The National Doctors Tea Party

When Teddy Roosevelt first proposed a system of single payer insurance for the United States, it was popular and quite nearly a done deal. That is, until the AMA intervened and began a whisper campaign about how it would "socialize health care" and

Open Thread

Open thread below... And don't forget to call Congress and tell them to vote for Henry Waxman for E&C. He's someone we need at this point in time.

Open Thread

By now most of you know that Al Gore was a mere poseur, and that David Plouffe actually invented the internet. Naturally, as such, he has access via

I'm With Stupid

Jonah Golberg says John McCain probably can't use a computer because he was a POW: Does anyone know why McCain doesn't use a computer or email? As a c

Making Better Ads

I completely agree with Nate Silver: the Obama campaign needs to make better ads. It's not that Obama's ads are bad by any normal metric. They're wel